Why did we create Twinbees?

Some things will never change

People will have babies.
Babies will cry and keep their parents up at night.
Parents will be overwhelmed.

And they will need all the support they can get to go through this challenging time.

Some things need to change

A baby monitor could be highly supportive.
It could be one of your best ally: reactive and helpful when you need it, discrete when you don’t.

But this is not what baby monitoring brands are offering.

Their products are either clunky or daunting.
Most of them don’t look good and sound annoying.

Historical brands benefit from young parents’ anxiety and lack of experience, so they ceased being truly innovative.

So we think it's time

To offer real alternatives.
To focus on inclusivity.
To bring sustainable and evolutive solutions.
To create human connections to help parents share their difficulties and victories.
To support each other.