Use your phones
as a baby monitor

⭐️ Rated 4.9 worlwide on the App Store ⭐️

Use the devices
you already have

Our innovative app allows you to effortlessly connect multiple devices (iPhone or iPad) to monitor your baby’s sleep.

With crystal-clear audio and intuitive controls, you can easily tune in to your baby’s sounds, anywhere, anytime.

Stay connected and worry-free, knowing your little one is just one tap away.

Made for everyone

We believe that every parent deserves a reliable and user-friendly baby monitoring experience.

Twinbees is designed with inclusivity in mind, offering a seamless and accessible interface that brings peace of mind to all.

Optimized for deaf parents

Our app is specifically tailored to enhance the baby monitoring experience of parents with hearing loss.

With carefully crafted visual indicators and reliable vibration alerts, all parents can stay in tune with their little ones.

Experience the joy of parenthood without compromising on accessibility and elegant design.

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⭐️ Rated 4.9 worlwide on the App Store ⭐️

What you say about Twinbees

A great app!
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I've been looking for a while for a baby monitor app that actually works. Found it: the app is really great, functional and super easy to use. Do not hesitate! Thanks to the team and well done!
The app that saves the nights
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Great app! Very user friendly, efficient and very pleasant to use! Much more practical than a classic baby monitor. We love it!
Simple and clever
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The perfect app to monitor your baby wherever you are and without any additional devices, especially when you have an Apple Watch.
A really nice app!
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Very easy to use, pretty (which doesn't spoil anything) and, best of all, it allows you to choose which parent wakes up by vibrating the Apple Watch! What a brilliant idea!
An excellent app!
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The best baby monitor app I have tested so far. Super useful on vacation!